PHP Developer Advocate @ Vonage

Chris Tankersley

Photo of Chris Tankersley
Photograph by Eli White

Chris Tankersley is a husband, father, author, speaker, PHP developer, podcast host, and probably lots of other things he’s forgetting to mention. He works for Vonage as a PHP Developer Advocate and the Server SDK Lead, helping developers use and integrate Vonage’s communication platform into their applications. Chris has worked with many different frameworks and languages throughout his fifteen years of programming, but spends most of his day working in PHP. He is the author of “Docker for Developers,” and helps developers integrate containers into their workflows.

Dead Simple APIs with OpenAPI

We live in a world that is powered by APIs. The demands of modern applications can come from many different directions, like native applications, progressive web apps, raw clients, and even just data ingestion has increased the need for APIs. The problem starts immediately as Analysis Paralysis sets in. There are so many API types and specifications out there. OpenAPI is a specification and set of related tooling that can make it easy to design, describe, and help build an API in many different languages. See how easy it is to hit the ground running using OpenAPI, Spotlight, and OpenAPI Generator to drop in an API into any project.