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Dave Stokes

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Dave Stokes is a MySQL Community Manager for Oracle Corporation and travels extensively to promote MySQL, speaking over thirty times each year for the past several years. He is also the author of MySQL & JSON - A Practical Programming Guide which is a guide for those wishing to take advantage of the JSON data type and the MySQL Document Store. With degrees in computer science and business, you used to be able to find him on the road at shows like FOSDEM, SCaLE, Confoo, PHP UK, Scotland PHP, PyCaribbean, or maybe you local meetup (please let him know if you need a speaker!). Dave actually started programming in FORTRAN on punch cards on a Digital Equipment Corporation KL1091 36-bit computer and wants you to know that the dinosaurs roaming the earth at the time did make on-campus parking especially daunting. Has has been playing guitar (badly) for way too long. Dave resides in Texas with the mandatory hound dog and pickup truck.

MySQL Indexes, Histograms, Locking Options, and Other Ways to Speed Up Your Queries

Database indexes are an often misunderstood tool used to speed up data lookup. But there is overhead for every insert, delete, or modification to an index field. Picking a good primary key confuses many developers and secondary indexes rely on primary index so a bad primary index can ripple performance issues through your system. You can use functional indexes but there are limitations to their use. Histograms do not have the overhead of indexes but depend heavily on the cardinality of your data. New locking options provide a dramatic increase in speed for highly contentious rows or columns. This tutorial will walk through the options on speeding queries in a clear, concise, and easy to follow format to allow you to understand how to speed up queries, architect your data for performance, and reduce performance angst on your queries.