Chief Operating Officer @ Meeshkan

Makenna Smutz

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Hey 👋 I’m Makenna. I’m the COO of an automated GraphQL testing tool, Meeshkan. My background is in design and frontend where I worked for one of the first GraphQL companies. Personally, I love the ocean and reading.

Testing GraphQL - the whole stack

Teams that adopt GraphQL see it become a powerful, and critical part of their applications. The schemas that power these apps act as an important agreement between servers and clients. So how do you test this new approach that happens to be the most vulnerable to bugs? This talk is a deep dive into how to test your GraphQL API, and supporting your fast-moving team with dynamic tests. As an early adopter of GraphlQL, I’ll share my learnings of how to test a GraphQL API and all of its parts: Queries, Resolvers, Server. We’ll go through tooling and strategies depending on the most common stack choices.