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Matt Trask

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Matt is a developer who loves coffee, cats, beer and API’s. He loves using public APIs to build silly projects such as an SMS application to tell his father what time it is every hour. On the hour. Outside of programming, he bikes all around the hills and cars of Atlanta, having more close encounters with bumpers then the 3rd kind. He is a huge Disney fan, and has attempted to ride all 46 (now 47) rides in one operating day. He hasn't finished but its a great story!

The ABCs and 123s of HTTP

HTTP APIs have multiple parts to them to make them understandable to computers. Headers, Verbs, Status Codes all play a crucial part. We all know 200 OK, 404 Not Found, and 500 Server Error, but what about 451 Censored for Legal Reasons, 100 Continue or 411 Length Required? These status codes play a crucial role. Same thing with headers such as Sunset, Accept, Content-type, and more. This talk breaks down the parts of an HTTP Request and Response so people can confidently identify the different headers, codes and verbs and not be stumped by them.