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Zvonimir Spajic

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Zvonimir is a passionate software developer highly interested in software architecture and "getting it right". Outside work, he likes to keep his mind sharp and body strong by doing different recreational sports. Zvone enjoys reading a good book, listening to all sorts of music, and dogs.

Hexagonal Architecture Demystified

When starting to learn Hexagonal Architecture, you can get easily overwhelmed by all the articles and lectures because they often include a much broader view of the Hexagonal Architecture than the one originally proposed by its author. This view often mixes Hexagonal Architecture with other architectures and approaches like Layered Architecture, CQS, CQRS, and so on. In this talk, we’ll get back to the original idea as proposed by Alistair Cockburn but also take a look at how it can be combined with other architectures and why is it so popular.